Tuesday Tidbits!! Larissa Ione is a paranormal favorite~ <3

I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
This book is released TODAY – Go go go go get it~~ πŸ˜€

“I need to do something that matters in the time I have left.” Larissa Ione, Vampire Fight Club

So this book takes place riiiiight after ish hits the fan in book six ~ Book six is Lethal Rider and is technically the start of a new series (Lords of Deliverance) in the Demonica universe but I would really recommend you start with Pleasure Unbound to get the full effect, especially with this book.

This book is the story of one of a nurse, Vladlena aka Lena, and the daywalker vampire Nathan. Lena works at UG (a hospital run by demons) and Nathan works at a Nightclub that has a bit of blood sport occurring on the down low.

You know how the rules work~~

Now add in a female with supposedly not much to lose and a male that’s lost almost too much. OH and attraction. ;0)

Folks~ that’s just a good story.Β 
Honestly, I would say this is one of my favorite stories in the series – it’s fast paced being a shorter novel, but it’s golden in presentation and execution on plot.
If you’re not familiar with the Demonica Series as a whole – I would recommend you check it out, there’s no bad there and this book fits right in. Aside from a few character mentions I would even say you could read it out of order……(after the 3rd Demonica book I would think).

Lena’s character is interesting and Larissa Ione definitely shares more info on shapeshifters than I originally knew. Lena’s *ahem* problem is unique. She’s drawn to Nathan’s flirty nature as she’s not had much direct contact with that type of interaction. She’s had a rough family life but nothing connected to what she feels for Nathan.
Nathan on the flip side is about as messed up emotionally as you can get. He reminds me a bit of Wraith from Book 3, but is a little LESS self destructive in how he deals with life.Β  (Thank goodness)

Overall I give Vampire Fight Club 5/5 – I think it was amazingly well done for a novella.

I was easily hooked by this book and read it all in one sitting. I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys the other books in the Demonica world and also anyone that likes vampire/paranormal romance. πŸ˜€

Happy Reading!

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