Tuesday Tidbits~ Rugged Texas Cowboy by Lora Leigh

I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Rugged Texas Cowboy is set for publication Dec. 5, 2017.

Now that we’ve stated that~
Rugged Texas Cowboy is actually a combo of two novels~
The first book, Cowboy and the Captive, follows Melina and a case of mistaken identity with our hunky cowboy Luc Jardin. Melina is kidnapped by Jardin when he attempts to get even with her sister Maria…. unfortunately she is NOT the sister (drone) he’s looking for…

Book two, Cowboy and the Thief, follows the story of Jack Riley who is disillusioned by life and meets Angel Manning, an Irish spitfire – they bring out the worst (and best) in each other. However, Angel is blinded by fury when Jack ‘steals’ (or is sold) a family heirloom that belongs to her.

I picture Jack as a more Brad Pitt cowboy~ <3

Now if you’re not familiar with Lora Leigh she writes Erotic Romance. Very erotic… let’s get that clear now in case you get shocked when reading her books. ;0)

Cowboy and the Captive – 2.5/5
I really wanted to like this one more. I loved the logistics of the family using Melina as basically a ‘spare’. I loved the plot. However, the writing on this story seemed disjointed and never fully immersed me. Not only that, but in the kidnapping scenario Lora Leigh KEPT emphasizing that Jardin believed her to be Maria, over and over.
At some point this guy has got to google her family right? Wrong. (Even though a friend’s wife clearly did!)
The fact that he blindly believed one thing without doing any sort of research or checking…. kind of stopped me from getting into the story fully. THAT BEING SAID – I did find the family heart ache and pain to be extremely gripping. On this I would say I liked the story for her, Melina, and less for Luc. Jardin could have used more depth but I understand this is a short novella.

Cowboy and the Thief 3.5/5
This story I loved~ however it could not be a stand alone. You’d need to have the information from book one and it now makes sense why these are together.
This one has a 3rd party perspective in it (other than Jack and Angel) and it does give the book a different feel. Not in bad way, just different from book one.
To boil this down – Jack meets a woman he can love~ After all the crap he’s been through, he meets Angel and Angel is ready for a throw down. :0)
I loved the background story on this, the insight from her father and the influence from the ‘magic’ of the family tradition. I do feel this book had more sexy time in it but yet less graphic, if that somehow makes sense? LOL

Overall I give Rugged Texas Cowboy: 3/5 stars


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